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Community Partnerships

The ACC Department of Community Engagement and Public Affairs (CEPA) engages the college’s diverse external stakeholders with a focus on supporting the college’s efforts to promote student success and meet the region’s workforce needs. The department works with local chambers of commerce, economic-development advocates, and community organizations, as well as elected leaders at the local, state, and federal levels, to promote student success and quickly respond to community education and workforce needs. This close collaboration across six counties, seven congressional districts, and more than 20 political subdivisions allows the college to keep its finger on the pulse of the local economy as it develops programs that teach practical skills in high-demand fields.

CEPA is also home to a diverse collection of academic and cultural centers established to enrich the student experience and create more opportunities for students and the community to learn and grow. These include:

African-American Cultural Center

The African-American Cultural Center strives to increase understanding in the ACC and Central Texas communities of the culture, history, and contributions of African-Americans. It offers a wide range of services including mentoring, training opportunities, and retention activities.

Alumni Network

The ACC Alumni Network is open to all former students who have earned an associate’s degree or certificate, or completed at least 20 credit hours at ACC. Our mission is to promote and support our alumni and students in their educational, social, and professional endeavors, and to foster a spirit of loyalty and lifelong connections to Austin Community College.

Center for Nonprofit Studies

ACC’s Center for Nonprofit Studies (CNS) is committed to providing Austin-area nonprofit organizations with the tools they need to more effectively serve the community. CNS delivers a wide range of professional development for nonprofit employees and offers learning opportunities aimed at improving the effectiveness of the region’s nonprofits.

Center for Public Policy & Political Studies

The Center for Public Policy & Political Studies (CPPPS) is an innovative program created to enable ACC students to gain practical experience in how government policies are created and executed. CPPPS is a nonpartisan, nonprofit center dedicated to expanding knowledge of, and participation in, political processes and public policy for ACC students and the community. CPPPS administers an award-winning public- service internship program that has placed more than 120 ACC students in government internships.

Latino/Latin American Studies Center (El Centro)

El Centro is an inter-disciplinary, collegewide center supporting Latino and Mexican-American studies. It strives to increase understanding in the ACC and Central Texas communities of the culture, history, and contributions of Latinos.

The Office of Equity & Inclusion

The Office of Equity and Inclusion exists to support the college’s leadership and departments as they embrace ownership of equity principles, and to help the college build capacity to achieve equity in enrollment, persistence, and completion, and ensure that Austin Community College is a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students, staff, faculty, and community members regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, ability status, or any other human difference.

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