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Career Planning & Exploration

Career resources are available to assist students and alumni with the process of career development and exploration. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has developed a Career Readiness Handbook which can be found here: This handbook is designed to help students develop a career path and consider their future employment possibilities as they move through post-secondary education. Topics include the type of career that exist and the skills needed for them, the steps you should take to find a satisfying career, and how students can leverage curricular and co-curricular activities into marketable skills.

In addition to the state’s Career Readiness Handbook, ACC offers online tools and services to assist in exploring career pathways. Area of Study advisors, Career & Transfer Specialists, and career counselors are available are available to review results and help students make decisions on which ACC program will help meet their goals.

Self-assessment tools guide students through a reliable, intuitive career and education decision-making model to help select a major, explore occupations and make informed career decisions.

Students research career interests and learn about each career’s typical tasks and requirements to gauge what would be a good fit. Data analysis of traditional and real-time labor market information (LMI) is provided so students can evaluate careers based on how well they pay and whether or not that field is expected to grow. Students register and complete online profiles, view employment and internship listings, request mentors, upload resumes, and submit applications.

An event calendar lists job fairs, employers recruiting on campus, career exploration opportunities, and workshops.

Visit the Career Services website at for more information.

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