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Textbooks and Supplies

You are responsible for purchasing required textbooks, course materials, online access cards, and supplies in time for the start of class or as instructed. The cost varies from semester to semester and from one program of study to another. Books and supplies are available from the ACC Bookstore as well as other outlets. Visit for more information.

Buying Textbooks

The ACC Bookstore is managed by Barnes & Noble, with locations at most campuses and online. Each offers a wide selection of textbooks in new, used, rental, and e-book format.

Some classes are located at a specific campus. The corresponding books and materials will be available at that campus bookstore.

For questions regarding the availability of textbooks and course materials, please contact ACC Bookstore Central Office, located at the Highland Campus: 512-474-2607 or email

Distance Learning Students

If your class holds on-campus orientation, you can find your textbook at that campus bookstore. The Highland Campus bookstore stocks textbooks for Distance Learning classes that meet online only.

Textbooks for Distance Learning sections can also be ordered online for home delivery. Visit for more information.

Buy Back Services

Ask your campus bookstore about specific buy back policies. Generally, you can sell your textbook back at the end of the semester if it is in good condition and still required for ACC coursework.

Textbook Returns

A full refund on textbooks often is limited to the first week of class and requires proof of course withdrawal and the original receipt. Check with your campus bookstore for details.

Alternative Retailers

A student of this institution is not obligated to buy or rent a textbook from a college-affiliated bookstore per HB 1096 (81st Legislature of Texas). The same textbook may also be available from an independent retailer, including an online retailer.

Higher Education Opportunity Act – Textbook Provisions

Visit the U.S. Department of Education site to view the text of the Higher Education Opportunity Act (Public Law 110-315), which includes provisions on the costs of textbooks and other instructional materials affecting post secondary education for students.

Open Educational Resources (OER) Online Materials

Some course sections are taught with openly licensed high quality textbooks that are available electronically on the first day. These sections are known as Z-classes because the openly licensed online textbook is available at zero cost to the student. These digital textbooks are typically known as Open Educational Resources (OER). OER course sections (Z-classes) are identified in the course schedule notes when you register for classes, and you can also search for Z-classes when you are planning your schedule.

First Day Digital Learning Materials 

Some course sections are taught using discounted digital learning materials that are available the first day of class, known as First Day sections or classes. These digital learning materials cost less than a hard copy textbook and save students money. When you register for a First Day class, the cost of required course materials is added to your tuition and fees bill. These digital texts, also known as Inclusive Content, are uploaded to your Blackboard account for use on the first day of class. There is a fee if you wish to purchase a print copy. Visit for more information.

View Required & Recommended Textbooks and Materials

Once orders have been processed by the ACC Bookstore, you can view required and recommended textbooks and materials selected by your instructor via the following methods or by visiting your campus bookstore with a copy of your class schedule.

Course Schedule
Click on the Textbooks link to the right of the course name in the credit course schedule to view textbooks and materials selected by your instructor.

You can view textbooks and materials ordered for your classes via the customized textbook list link.

ACC Bookstore
From the ACC Bookstore homepage, click on the Textbooks menu option to create a customized textbook list using your course section information.

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