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Financial Aid

The following information regarding student financial aid at ACC is available.

  • A description of federal, state, local, private and institutional financial assistance programs available to enrolled students.
  • How to apply for student financial aid.
  • The methods by which financial aid awards and distribution will be made.
  • Student eligibility requirements, including standards for satisfactory academic progress.
  • The rights and responsibilities of students receiving financial assistance, including the terms of any loans received, the terms and conditions of employment provided as part of a student’s financial assistance, and the terms and conditions under which students receiving Direct loans may obtain deferrals.
  • The cost of attendance at the institution, including tuition and fees, room and board and estimates of the costs of books and supplies and transportation.
  • The requirements for refunds of tuition, fees and costs, for the return of federal funds, and for officially withdrawing from the college or classes.
  • Notice that some study abroad is considered enrollment at ACC for purposes of federal student financial assistance with appropriate pre-approval given.

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