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Tuition and Payments

You can pay your tuition and fees online or in person at a Cashier Office. Payment is due once you register for classes. It is important to note that ACC does not mail bills or statements. We encourage you to pay in full or set up a payment plan immediately to avoid missing your tuition deadline. You will be dropped from any unpaid classes after the tuition deadline. Visit for more information.

Don’t miss your deadline!

  • Check your tuition deadline to avoid losing your classes.
  • If you miss your deadline, you will need to re-register for classes. We cannot guarantee seats will still be available if you have to re-register.
  • Meningitis documents also must be processed and approved before your tuition deadline.

Tuition Rates

Tuition is charged on a per-credit basis. Your residency status determines your tuition rate and some fees. See the Residency Classifications section of this catalog for more information. The Austin Community College Board of Trustees sets tuition and fee rates. Amounts are subject to change without notice. View current tuition and fees at

Information below was approved by the Board of Trustees on May 6, 2019.

Residency Status for Tuition PurposesPer Credit Hour
In-District Texas Resident$67
Out-of-District Texas Resident$67 + $276 out-of-district fee
Out-of-District Texas Resident Distance Education (DE) $67 + $201 out-of-district DE fee
Out-of-State & International Non-Resident$416
Out-of-State Distance Education$335

General & Course-Related Fees

General and course-related fees are charged in addition to tuition. These fees are refundable in some circumstances. See the Refunds section of this catalog for more information.

General Fees

Fee or ChargeAmount - Description
Out of District Fee$276 per credit hour - Fee is charged to Texas resident students who live outside the ACC District.
General Fee$15 per credit hour - Fee is used as a pledge against the Revenue Bond Debt Service payment. Revenue bonds are used to improve and construct the college’s facilities.
Student Success Fee$2 per credit hour (formerly Student Activity Fee) - Fee is charged to enhance student success via student life, student activities, and other services provided by the College.
Student Accident Fee$1 per course - Fee pays for injuries occurring from school sponsored activities related to the selected classes.
Sustainability Fee$1 per credit hour, with the average student paying $8 a semester - Supports initiatives for a sustainable campus environment such as alternative transportation, renewable energy, energy efficiency, engagement of the college community, recycling, and environmentally responsible purchasing.
Student Parking Fee$15 per year (optional).

Course-Related Fees & Descriptions

Other Fees

Other fees are charged for a variety of circumstances, such as for the International Student application fee, course challenge fee, Green Pass fee, parking fine, replacement/reissue fee, returned payment fee, late payment fee, library fine, etc. These fees are not typically refundable.

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