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Programs and Awards

Austin Community College offers college-level awards in the form of degrees and certificates in a variety of programs.

  • Baccalaureate Degrees: require at least 120 semester credit hours (SCH) for completion. ACC currently only offers the RN to BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing), a degree completion program.
  • Associate Degrees: require at least 60 semester credit hours (SCH) and take approximately two years to complete if you attend full time. The following Associate of Applied Science programs are approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to exceed the 60 SCH: American Sign Language-Interpreter Training, Dental Hygiene, Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Physical Therapist Assistant, Radiology.
  • Certificates: require 15 SCH – 51 SCH and can be completed in as little as one semester.
  • Occupational Skills Awards: require 9 SCH – 14 SCH or 144 – 359 contact hours for workforce continuing education courses.

In general, if you plan to transfer to a university to pursue a bachelor’s degree, you should complete an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree. These degrees are broad and set you up for transferring to a university with junior (Year 3) status.

If you plan to enter the workforce as soon as possible, you would usually pursue an Associate of Applied Science degree or a Certificate. These are ordinarily focused on preparing you for a specific industry upon graduation.

Degree Options
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)Prepares graduates of Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) and nursing diploma programs, who already hold a Registered Nursing (RN) license, with additional skills in management, leadership, theory, and research to succeed and be promoted within the nursing profession.
Associate of Arts (AA)Prepares you to transfer to a Texas public university or college as a junior with the intention of declaring a major in the liberal or fine arts.
Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT)Prepares you to transfer to a Texas public university as a junior with a specific teaching major: Early Childhood-Grade 6, Grades 4-8, or Grades 8-12 .
Associate of Science (AS)Prepares you to transfer to a Texas public university or college as a junior with the intention of majoring in the sciences, math or engineering .

Visit for more information on award descriptions.

Consult with an Area of Study advisor to determine the award type that is best for you.

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