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Tuition Exemptions and Waivers

Exemptions and waivers allow special groups of Texas residents or nonresidents to pay less tuition and/or fees. You must meet the specific requirements to receive the exemption, including academic requirements listed below.

Tuition exemptions are not retroactive to a paid enrollment. Based on the exemption, additional documentation may be required.

For more information or to update your student information, contact any campus Admissions and Records Office.

Exemptions available to ACC Students

Find exemption program details at the College for All Texans web page.

  • Students Who are Blind or Deaf
  • Children of Disabled Firemen/Peace Officers
  • Children in Foster or Other Residential Care
  • Children Adopted who were Formerly in Foster or Other Residential Care
  • Children of Professional Nursing  Faculty
  • Children of POWs and MIAs
  • Dependents of Deceased Public Servants
  • Educational Aide
  • Ex-Prisoners of War
  • Firefighters taking Fire Science Courses
  • Hazlewood
  • Highest Ranking High School  Graduate
  • National Guard Waiver
  • Peace Officer Exemption
  • Clinical Preceptors and their Children
  • Senior Citizens
  • Students Enrolled in Courses for Dual High School and College-Level Credit

Waivers available to ACC students

Visit College for All Texans for more information on waivers.

  • College Teachers, Profs, etc.
  • Economic Development
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Military Personnel and their Dependents

Academic eligibility for exemptions/waivers

Effective fall 2014, Senate Bill 1210 (83rd Texas Legislature, Regular Session) requires you to meet the GPA and excessive hour requirement of ACC’s satisfactory academic progress in a degree or certificate program determined by our financial aid policy.

This requirement does not apply to exemptions provided to foster care alumni, co-enrolled high school students, or the dependent child or spouse of a Texas veteran who is missing in action, killed in action, or died as a result of service.

Tuition exemption/waiver appeal

An appeal of loss of tuition exemption may be submitted in consultation with an ACC counselor and will be considered in cases where students have made substantial progress toward completion of a certificate/degree and present sufficient documentation to support a finding of good cause for continued receipt of a state tuition waiver. Visit for more information.

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