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Mathematics Field of Study

The Mathematics Field of Study Curriculum is designed for students seeking a bachelor’s degree with a major in mathematics.

ACC’s field of study courses for mathematics are listed below. The Field of Study Curriculum for Mathematics consists of 26-27 lower-division semester credit hours that are fully transferable to other Texas public colleges and universities.

Mathematics Field of Study Curriculum
MATH 2318Linear Algebra
MATH 2413Calculus I
MATH 2414Calculus II
MATH 2415Calculus III
MATH 2420Differential Equations
And one of the following courses:
COSC 1336Programming Fundamentals I
COSC 1337Programming Fundamentals II
COSC 1436Programming Fundamentals II: Apple Swift I
COSC 1437Programming Fundamentals II: Apple Swift II
COSC 2325Computer Organization and Machine Language
COSC 2336Programming Fundamentals III*
COSC 2436Programming Fundamentals III
ENGR 2304Programming for Engineers*
*Not offered at ACC

Students should always consult with an academic or Mathematics faculty advisor regarding transfer to a specific college or university. In addition, students should consult with an advisor at the Texas college or university to which they are transferring for additional information.

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